Goals for 2023

Goals for 2023

At Lunamescent, we believe that life is a constant process of growing and evolving. We like to evaluate how we used our time, looking to see what worked, what didn't, and how we can improve for the future. Our goal is to show up as our brightest selves both in our private kingdoms and on the stage of the world. Join us, as we set our monthly goals!


Set your scene comfortably: make yourself a beautiful atmosphere with candles, maybe some music, and a warm cup of tea. You might want to bring out some of your favorite healing crystals, and depending on how detailed you want to get with this exercise, a snack. Using a notebook, or a simple piece of paper and your favorite pen or pencil, reflect on the past month-feel free to free write without editing or hesitation, and then map out your goals for the coming weeks both for your personal and professional life.

Looking Backward:

September was a good month of growth and building, albeit a bit rushed with all the holidays and projects. We finalized the Winter Robe sets-adding new gold detailing to add some shine to this dark season,- as well as the Gua Sha and comb collections. All of our bestsellers and new items are in production as we speak, being carefully crafted with love. The next month, as the cold begins to set in will be more focused on company culture, content and sharing our inner world with you. We hope you enjoy as much as we find happiness in creating for you. 


  • Write and pitch articles
  • Launch new combs, robe, and Gua Sha collections to the world
  • Design new season of scrunchies and eye masks in time for Black Friday and the holiday season
  • Finish up Thanksgiving recipe book
  • Edit more vlogs, record more videos
  • Write more music and record old songs
  • Use more time-blocking strategy


  • Take more time to slow down and enjoy
  • Connect more, be brave, make new friends and relationships
  • Smile more and practice daily gratitude
  • Go for evening strolls with A
  • Make more hot soups
  • Make the house a sacred space, cozy for winter
  • Practice going to bed earlier, healing energy levels and restoring wellness



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