Easy Returns

6-Month Money Back Guarantee

We believe in a better tomorrow, a more productive and happier you. We create tools for the lifelong learners and doers because you are changing the world every day.

This is why we are offering a 6-Month Money Back Guarantee: if you do not feel that our products have shaped a better attitude towards self care and happiness, simply email us at shop@lunamescent.com so we can organize the return of your product and issue a refund. 


Kindly include your order number, which complete product(s) you are looking to return and the reason. Prepaid return shipping labels for your product are provided for US orders only by our customer support team which will expedite the return shipping and refund process.


How do I return my order?

Email us at shop@lunamescent.comInclude your name and order numberTell us which product(s) you want to return and the reason 


Will my shipping costs be refunded?

The original shipping costs will not be included in your refund. However, for US residents, we will be happy to offer you a prepaid return shipping label for your returned order.

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