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Queen Robe, Black Silk

Designer: Lunamescent

Black Silk
White Silk
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Innovative Indoor-Outdoor Silk Wear

Crafted from the finest silk and designed to drape the body like water, this robe blurs the line between boudoir and ritzy, adventurous living. Light and airy, wear this garment in plush, private comfort - with no need to change wardrobe for a swift errand or a leisurely hotel breakfast. Dress the Dream Robe up with jewels and accessories for formal outings and occasions, though the detailed construction that hugs your body will speak for itself. So supple and luxurious, your inner light will shine through unencumbered by the typical constriction of traditional garments. 

Details include: Cuffed sleeves, a kimono style belt to accentuate the waistline, a button down front and pockets so that all you need is your radiant smile.