Beauty Illuminated

Illuminate Your Natural Beauty

A Love Story

Inspired by the exacting hand of nature, Lunamescent garments and tools are expertly sculpted with the philosophy that less is more; our skilled artisans mould the earth's materials just enough so that they can support us comfortably in our daily progress and beautification, while maintaining all natural integrity. 

Designed for the Luna Spirit, our garments and tools are indoor-outdoor, as much for recharging from within palace walls as for traveling out on the world stage.  Our robes are weft from the finest silks, and constructed with a keen eye to drape over the skin like water, light and flowy. 

Our Gua Sha stones are authentic, substantial and expertly cut, and our combs light and nimble. What this means for you, is that our tools and textiles become a beautiful extension of your hands, skin and your deepest desire for self care.

Lunamescent is a conscious company born from the desire for symbiosis with nature: giving thanks and love to the earth and working with her rhythms in harvesting and alchemizing her bounty into tools and fabrics that nourish lavishly. Because we work with all natural materials, our products offer benefits from the earth as well as from their precise structure and design.

Our Acacia combs are antibacterial and anti fungal, our Jade stones support youth and longevity, and our Silks are light and breathable—among many other features. 

Give love to your body, mind and Mother Earth with the finest silks, stones and woods. From our imagination to your hands, dreamt with love and fabricated with intelligence.