Our Difference

Making behavior change simple, 
beautiful and accessible through beauty routines to get your morning started positively and your evening winding down relaxingly. In the space between morning and evening, we want you to feel like the incredible, beautiful self that you are.

Our Belief

Care Matters. Quality Matters. Materials Matter. That's why we take the time to choose the best materials, handcraft them into the finest forms, and create beauty routines that energize you and allow you to live your best self.


For anyone that doesn't believe that care matters, we invite you to try our products and to see what a difference it makes to own products by people who invest their time and energy into you. We invite you to invest in yourself.

Our Commitment

We're commited to helping people find peace and calm in thier daily lives, towards developing moments of peace and calm that energize and refresh and allow you to be your real self.


We are different from most other brands make products, but we don't make products for the sake of the product. We make products that are designed to be used as part of daily routines that help you come home to the great say of your soul. If that resonates with you, grab a comb or a Gua Sha and come join us.

Premium Materials

Premium materials made sustainable. We use natural, recycled, and biodegradable materials as our commitment to protecting our shared home.

The Hand-Crafted Difference

When a product is made by hand, you can feel the love. Machines are hard and cold, but our artistans lovingly sculpt each comb, Gua Sha and stitch each stitch. It's a difference that you can feel.

Luxury is attention to detail

Attention to detail matters. That's why we've obsessed over every angle to make sure that your product is going to leave you feeling like a million bucks.