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Empty Jenny

Designer: Little Dreamoon™

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Jenny didn't seem to fit in anywhere. Everyone in school was talking about strange television shows and YouTube videos that Jenny knew nothing about. Jenny started to watch the popular shows so that she could fit in, but she felt like she was trying to be someone she wasn't. She felt empty inside. Then, Jenny decided to take a step back. She went home and started to produce her own music. When one of her stories leaked to the kids in school, suddenly everyone was talking about the story that Jenny had created. Jenny realized that she could shape the narrative if she created instead of copied others in mindless consumption just to fit in.  Empty Jenny is the story of a girl who didn't fit in anywhere until she decided to take a step back, stop trying to be like everyone else, and bring her own unique gifts to the world. 

Our Rich eBook Stories sweep you into imagination worlds, rich sceneries, and dazzling landscapes. What Makes these stories rich? Rich eBook Stories refers to the multimedia dazzlement found in each story with a triple-layered attack featuring original artwork, voiceover, and soundtrack.

Designed for the big kids in us all with rich candy-like artwork, soft spoken ASMR narration, and an original score for each story.